Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We spent the night last night at our favorite anchorage, which we have named Sunset Cove.  Though near the Portland Airport and the 205 Bridge, neither are close enough to bother us overmuch noise-wise.  Same with the  trains that pass by on the Washington side.

There were a few other boats around when we arrived late yesterday afternoon, and a few parties on the beach.

This morning when we finally emerged from the cabin, we were the only boat and people around.

But soon, I heard Al say 'I think there's an unattended fire over there!'  Sure enough, a big log was smoldering on the beach.

Al called the Coast Guard using our marine radio, and soon 911 called us to say a fireboat was on the way.

They readied their water cannon, and fired away!  After a  few moments three firemen disembarked to check it more closely.  We saw a shovel moving sand and they began to wrap up the hose and pull anchor.  As they left, they passed Viking Star, said thanks, which we returned, and they told us to call again if we saw it start smoldering once more.  Nice job, guys!

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