Thursday, July 15, 2010

So, How many cigarette butts do YOU see?

To be honest, I haven't counted, but I can tell you IT'S TOO MANY!

This illustrates what may be my biggest pet peeve.....smokers who don't dispose of their butts properly.

I have been known to honk at drivers who toss their smokes out the window as they drive, leaving it to bounce and throw sparks.  Countless grass and forest fires are begun this way each year.  Not to mention it is littering, and against the law.

This photo is taken right alongside Viking Star, on the dock in downtown Portland.  The Willamette River is not known for it's cleanliness, but it is usually sewage spills they are talking about.  And yes, as I hung fenders in preparation for docking last night, I got a whiff of Eau d' Willamette.

The city is working on that issue.

It would be nice if we ALL would use trash receptacles properly.

(I didn't post a photo of the syringe.)


  1. Had to see who Cigarette Sally was. I was taken to a site for 'green' electronic cigarettes... all made out of disposable plastic cartridges. We certainly have become a 'trashy' society.

  2. Cig Sally's comment has been deleted as it was rather obviously commercially motivated.