Monday, March 14, 2011

A Monumental Day

Shall we just get to the pictures?

Arlington House, home of Robert E Lee

The view from Arlington House
Guarding the Tomb of the Unknown
The Laying of a Wreath
Taps.  It brought tears to our eyes.
To honor those lost in the Challenger
The Kennedys
Some of JFK's most famous words

Moments of excitement!  While we were walking from Arlington, we saw several  helicopters, most like this, which is dark blue and says 'United States of America' on it.  There was another one that was different, green, and Al said that was like the one they use for the President.  This evening's news said Obama visited an Arlington middle school today.  We may have see the President fly over!!!
The view from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  Work began on the reflecting pool last October, and is not expected to be completed until summer of NEXT year.

The Vietnam Memorial

Reflecting on The Wall

The Korean War Memorial

Ghostly Images
some engraved, some reflected

The Jefferson Memorial

The World War II Memorial

4048 stars, explained below

Earlier, Sarah asked if we had seen the snipers on top of the White House and we said 'No'.  Couldn't miss him today!

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