Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Whole Day with Al

Actually, I had last evening with Al too, which is where our photos start today.  It was a cold night, and breezy, but very uncrowded.

After dinner we stopped by to see if the Obamas were home

This is the Zero Milepost, the point from which all distances from Washington DC are measured
Today began with a tour of the Capitol building.  Which is actually only a tour of three rooms, but they are FABULOUS rooms.  Here is the compass in the room called 'the crypt'.  All streets in Washington DC are measured from this point, and from where the city is divided NW,SW, NE, SE.
The little red brick marks North
Here is our tour guide Zoya in the Rotunda.  Two more groups are across the way.  When we came back through, there were groups all the way around!

The mural at the top of the Rotunda
Statuary Hall.  Also called 'the Whispering Room'
I like patterns and textures.  

From the Capitol to the Washington Monument,  the Mall
The other side of the Capitol from yesterday's view.  I don't know which is 'front' and 'back'.
Grant's Monument
The traditional shot
We DID find some cherry blossoms!
And a quick run through the Air and Space Museum, where we saw 'The Spirit of St. Louis'

This explains the following photo
The Wright Flyer

The day ended with dinner with Sarah Tunall, known from the Forest Grove United Methodist Church, who is attending seminary in Washington DC.  It was great to see her and share a meal and conversation.


  1. I love your comment on the Capitol Building (" I don't know which is 'front' and 'back'). IMHO quite often, the occupants don't seem to know their Front side from their Rear side either! Yes, I am trolling thru in chronological order. love the blog!