Saturday, May 4, 2013

First 'Timmy's'!

We are in Ladysmith today, and we heard there was a Tim Horton's here, so we HAD to go!

For Al

My choices
We left Wallace Island for Preedy Harbor on Thetis Island.  We only had a brief stop there.  The ferry came in.  Geez.  We'd have to use a stern anchor to keep us pointed into the ferry wakes there!  So we pulled up and went around the point into Telegraph Harbor.

We dinghied up to the pub/restaurant -- no one around.  The store/post office was closed for training of a new postmaster.  We walked up the road to look for the coffee shop and pottery studio talked about in the guides.  Nothing.  There WAS a big beautiful property that we learned was a bible school.

The next day we took the ferry to Chemainus.  It was a cute town with murals everywhere and footprints painted on the sidewalk to steer you past them.  We enjoyed the waterworks park, and we sat on a bench and watched the workings of the lumber mill while tasting the fudge we had chosen.

After a day for chores, we have motored to Ladysmith.  Tomorrow is our 11th Anniversary, and the nicest restaurant we could find 'nearby' is here.  We are at the Page Point Marina for two nights, and going to the Page Point Bistro for dinner tomorrow night.

We are getting a surprising 'kitty fix'.  There are two boat cats here in the marina, and both have stopped by for visits!  Pearl is a fluffy grey girl, and Squash is an orange tabby boy.  AND there are about three pet stores in Ladysmith, so we saw several in town today -- two batches of new kittens too!

And the sun is shining!!!  We have been working on our first sunburns...

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