Sunday, May 12, 2013

Howe Sound

We couldn't have asked for a better forecast for our crossing of the Strait of Georgia on Friday!  Less than one-foot waves, and sunshine, though the haze got thicker as the day went on, and it looked like rain was following us.  The mountains showed up better than I thought in this picture!

And my favorite -- GLOSSY water!
We anchored out for a couple of nights.  I guess the crossing tired us out more than we thought -- we slept 10 hours the first night.

This is Oliver.  Can't you hear him?  'Please, sir...?'   No, we didn't feed him.

 We left Plumper Cove this morning, and poked around West Bay on Gambier Island.  Then we went up the fiord a bit, towards Squamish.  This rock is called Mariner's Rest.
A cross on top, and if you look closely, there is an anchor to the right of it.
Yes, it is what it seems.  Read more here:

Numerous waterfalls

It looks like we are slumming it tonight!  Al found out about this place on Active Captain.

Cool neighbors, though!  A black bear and geese on shore, a loon crying, seals splashing, a young eagle fishing.  THIS is what we came here for!

Our first bear!

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