Thursday, May 23, 2013

Scenes from Today's Walk

We had somewhat planned to go to the science center today, but looking at reviews last night where the most common word used was 'expensive', and then a GORGEOUS blue sky when we got up this morning, we decided to take a walk along the seawall towards Stanley Park.  We were feeling ambitious, and felt that perhaps we might even round the point and come back into downtown for some lunch.

Viking Star is at anchor, about at that anchor symbol just west of the Cambie Bridge. We took the dinghy to the west end of David Lam Park, and pretty much followed the seawall all the way to Second Beach, then turned  on the path that follows the north edge of Lost Lagoon and followed the water to where it says Coal Harbour Park, before following Georgia to Burrard, where we had Japadogs, and made our way back to David Lam Park.
We stopped at a huge Starbucks near Morton Park.  Thus fortified, we moved past this sculpture and continued around English Bay.

It's called A-maze-ing Laughter. 

The BIGGEST tree I have ever seen ON an apartment building

Park your stroller here!

We thought this was artwork, drilled or glued, but no.  Artist Josh Shaver strictly uses balance and meditation to place the rocks.  We stopped for a pleasant chat.

Okay, I need to take a break from the photos to tell you of a first for me!  A bird pooped on my head!  And not just me -- it was a Two-For-One shot!  Al and I were bent over a map on a table at Second Beach, and we had noticed many crows/ravens hanging around the snack shop.  I even saw one taking a bath in the heated pool.  No, really!  So we were bent over the map, trying to decide how far we wanted to venture into Stanley Park, when a shadow rose above us, and *SPLAT!*   We had to throw that map away and go attempt to clean up.  Maybe that's why Canadians call them WASHrooms?

Big Mama black squirrel

This setting swan explains the mound we saw earlier, behind a fence and abandoned.  

Pretty view of the city across Lost Lagoon

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