Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunny Days!

Well, no sunburn, but my freckles are popping out all over!

The first of two sunsets we saw in Ladysmith.  We had a perfect spot, on the last row in the marina, with our back deck facing the view.  The second sunset was similar, but from the Page Point Bistro, where we were given the prime table for sunset viewing for our anniversary dinner!

The eagles here were VERY vocal, tossing their heads about.  They also used the space between the docks and the hillside as their 'highway'.  I wish I could have set up traffic lights so I could know the perfect time to have my camera ready for a flight photo.
 Yesterday morning we moved over to DeCourcy Island.  Northwest winds were predicted, so we chose to anchor at the south of the island rather than in the actual Pirate's Cove.

Otter tail! 

We did dinghy to shore to explore.  The beach was an interesting mix of stones and shell.

Our neighbors 

It was harder to find a 'window' for Viking Star.

Al decided he needs a day to work on the cap rail Cetol, taking care of spot failures.  That means I can also do some transcription work, and reading!  I am not enjoying the book I am reading, but not enough that I want to quit it.  This doesn't happen to me often, but I want to FINISH and be done!  So read, read, read.

We have observed a small parade of boats heading toward Dodd Narrows.  We will be in the parade tomorrow.  It will mean no lollygagging for us tomorrow morning!

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