Friday, October 18, 2013

Doing Dishes in Paradise

 Just because I'm retired and live on a boat, doesn't mean I don't have those dull daily chores everyone does. But the view sure helps with the drudgery, though!

Here are a couple of shots of paradise, taken at two ends of today, in the direction I gaze as I do the dishes on Viking Star.

We woke to fog horns moaning, and here comes Yakima, rounding Brown Island!

The fog lifts and we get a phone call from a friend who needs help to install her new dishwasher -- yes, she has an automatic one!  After, her son drops us back at the marina on his way to the Homecoming game.  And we walk down the ramp, looking at the paradise once again.  

The fog bank is back, surrounding Friday Harbor, lit a soft pink by the setting sun, obscuring Shaw Island.  This time it is sail boats rounding Brown Island.

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