Monday, October 28, 2013

Stormy Stormy Night

During the lovely weather at our potluck, there was much talk of the anticipated WIND coming.  "Nor'easters" are faced with much trepidation here.

It WAS a blustery day yesterday, but the worst was yet to come, according to the forecast.  We were tired, and went to bed at 9PM last night, anticipating it could be a rough night.  We were woken at 10:30, and again at 2:30 when we decided we wanted to get up and see what it looked like.

It was not rocking that woke us.  It was more the noise.  The lid to the propane locker now has fasteners, but it still rattles in a strong wind.  The dinghy cover captures the occasional gust and lifts the dinghy, which then drops loudly back onto the coach roof above our bed.

The breakwater was doing its job!  But it has big black plastic cylinders on the outer side, to fend off boats and ships.  The waves were big enough to occasionally break OVER the breakwater, and bring a cylinder or two along for the ride.  Waves and cylinders DO crash.

As I write, the wind blows a steady 20-30 knots, and the peak gust reached 46.

But, its a beautiful morning!

Here comes the sun!

Debris kicked up, and you have to look close, but there is one of those cylinders next to the rail.

We have the door gaps taped closed, so all shots this morning are from inside.

PLENTY of salt spray on the windward side.

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