Monday, October 14, 2013

Friday Harbor Film Festival

Just a very quick post to tell you about a most amazing weekend we spent at the Friday Harbor Film Festival.

I have been following Friday Harbor news online, and whenever I saw the film festival mentioned I pretty much skipped over it, thinking 'We won't be there yet...'  BUT, we arrived last Monday and the town was abuzz.

Friend Samantha said she was going to see if they needed volunteers yet and said we should too.  We had checked out ticket prices and decided that two $55 day passes would be more than we wished to spend at this time.  But on Wednesday Samantha called and said 'I just signed up to volunteer Saturday and they still need more people!  Get to the office and sign up!'

So we walked up to check it out, and found out that for every shift you work, we would be given a day pass to attend one of the other days.  We signed up for the same shift Samantha was working and got passes for Friday.

We spent the WHOLE DAY attending movies.  Al and I saw some different ones, but many together.  His favorite was Wayfarer, and mine was Blackfish.  Go to the website and watch the trailers!

Blackfish is the story of Tilikum and others and will change the way you think of sea parks.  I have been to a SeaWorld park.  And I have seen orcas in the wild.  The wild experience is SO much better!  Blackfish was just released in July and has been playing film festivals and winning awards.  It will be showing on CNN on October 24 -- check your listings and watch it!

Of special note is 'Honor & Sacrifice', the story of San Juan Island resident 100-year-old Roy Matsumoto.  PLEASE read about it here:  Due to popular demand, TWO extra screenings of this film were added on Sunday.  We did not get to see this one, but will be finding out how we can sometime.

Winner of the Audience Choice Award was Shining Night about world-renowned composer Morten Lauridsen, resident of the San Juan Islands.

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