Sunday, October 20, 2013

We Went Sailing!

One of our new neighbors on Breakwater B is Art.  His boat is Black Tusk.  When he said he wanted to take her out and invited us and all the other neighbors, Al jumped for the chance to go sailing.  Knowing it was going to be a pretty calm day, I agreed to come along too.

It turned out to just be us and Art this trip.  A few of the neighbors came out on the dock to wave and take pictures, and we just knew they were jealous!

It was fun to get to know Art better.  We were trying to remember the last time we had been sailing.  We have been aboard sailboats in the past few years, but we think this is the first time we have been underway in a long time.  We think it was a charter sail with our friend Rick as captain here in the San Juans and the Gulf Islands, way back in 2008!

Was Viking Star jealous?

Going up!

Al and Art swap stories...

...while I stay cozy below the dodger.

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