Thursday, April 21, 2016

Filling With Grace

This morning after breakfast we waited for a quick heavy shower to end, then pulled anchor from Cortes Bay. We enjoyed our time there and the MANY birds including oystercatchers, scoters, black-headed Bonaparte's gulls, and several tiny birds I'm going to guess were least auklets.

Though this bay holds two huge outstations, one for the Seattle Yacht Club and the other for the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, it is early in the season and there was only one boat tied at the Seattle station. We suspect it is perhaps a caretaker?

There were several local boats at various docks and mooring buoys, and several came and went daily.

Though our destination of Grace Harbor was 'just around the corner', it took us just short of two hours to motor here.

Though we pass several large houses on the point, deep in Grace Harbor we are the only boat, and we finally have a taste of solitude.

Al is distraught. The shores below the tide line are FILLED with oysters, but there is a sign warning of the danger of consuming them. The majority of the area is closed due to the toxins from red tide, with VERY dangerous consequences if you don't pay attention.

The view entering the harbor. We will anchor at the back.

The view at the back of the boat.

'AAaaaahhhhh' we say, 'Quiet'. But for the waterfall gurgling, the single frog singing, the geese honking, the bumblebee that buzzes through the cabin, the raindrops falling, and the seals' breaths as they float lazily across the way.

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