Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Grace Harbor by Dinghy

It's our 5th day in Grace Harbor, and we finally got off the boat today!

Al put a crab pot overboard and caught one red rock crab. Hoping for more, he tossed the pot back in, throwing it outside the swing of the boat, since he would be leaving it for an overnight soak. This morning after breakfast he went to check it out.

Pulling, pulling, pulling

 I had been planning on doing the dishes before a dinghy tour, but since Al had it out and all warmed up, off we went!

I LOVE the quiet and reflections in this place

The little cove next to us - the other arm of the Y that is Grace Harbor

Below the reflections, a school of fish seems curious to see us! They were gathered around a fallen tree, but when we came by and turned off the motor to enjoy the quiet (we heard water falling), they moved over beneath us.

There's Viking Star,  waaaaaaaay over there!


A cruising friend warned us that they nearly always see bear or bear sign here, so Al dug out our bear spray. Even though there is a pic-a-nic table at the campsite, I have NO desire to meet Yogi!

There are some fallen-down remains of a cabin, a flat area with some fruit trees, and some lilacs in bloom! This is where our friend says the bears like to hang out. We talk loudly and Al claps his hands as he explores. But, it's flies and mosquitoes that come to bother us!

The water is much deeper than it looks.

Viking Star, and the dinghy, from the campsite.

First Nation emblem on the park signage.

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