Saturday, April 30, 2016


The other day Kristi posted some photos of our new backyard in Squirrel Cove.  An account of our 1st 'shopping' trip here in Desolation Sound, and some lovely photos of tight passages and colorful wild flowers.  In case you need a refresher, here is one that caught my eye:

Just lovely.   But look a little closer, and what does one see??


And THIS!!!

Oysters.  EVERYWHERE.   Millions of them.  Fat, juicy, and oh so succulent Oysters.  The kind you pay massive $$ for in nice specialty oyster bars.   Just sitting there, waiting for the taking.  And the whole bay is covered with them.  As was the bay before this one, and the bay before that.  Everywhere.

I have the dinghy down, my 'special' Harbor Freight 2-foot long screw driver (aka, Oyster's Worst Nightmare).  Even a good Oyster knife and that oh so needed special Fishing License.   But alas, I do not venture out.  I do not shuck some on the rocks to enjoy then and there, do not bring a few back to put on the barbie.  Do not collect some to pan-fry up with a light breading.

I just let them sit there, taunting me.  

Why you ask?

Here is why:

Like last year, much of the Pacific Coast is inflicted with what is commonly called Red Tide.  Which has a side effect of leaving toxins in bi-valve shellfish that can lead to PSP.   Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning is nasty, leaving one very sick and can often be fatal.   That link above?  I have it book-marked on my desktop with the label 'YOU MAY DIE IN CANADA', and I check it regularly before I ever attempt to harvest any shellfish.

This lovely area we are in tonight, it is part of the 'Balance of Area 15 closed to all bivalve shellfish'.  Just like the anchorage before, and the one before that.  In fact, almost all of BC Canada is closed.  With very very few exceptions.

Just like last year.  (Last year we were in the South Sound, and the Red Tide had not made it that far down - - -  so the beaches were open).

And with that Kristi sees these lovely wild flowers, while I see . . .   ARGGGGGGG..... 


 (Perhaps some fans of Twilight Zone will get this reference).  


  1. Yes Al, I got the reference. By the way, how are your glasses? 😁

  2. Burgess Meredith if my memory serves me correctly.