Sunday, May 1, 2016

Squirrel Cove by Dinghy

The day before was sunny, but there was a cuttingly cold wind blowing through the cove, keeping us inside looking out. Yesterday we escaped by dinghy to tour the shoreline and enjoy the day!

I even broke out my Spring/Summer hat! It's not to be worn in too much of a breeze.

We had intended to go explore the lagoon, but when we rounded the corner and saw the entrance, we decided NOT! The water is already running toward us, downhill. We had heard you can enter at high tide -- and it was -- but I think the HIGH high tide would be the only safe time, and that comes at night now.

It is a GORGEOUS day for a dinghy ride.  Looking 'out' the entrance we came into a couple of days ago.

Just enjoying the day...

I spy, with my little eye ...

... the Master of All He Surveys.

Turning to head back to the boat, we can see mountains not visible from Viking Star.

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  1. That cutting cold wind was down here on Saturday as well. Sunday got nice and warm. Seeing the eagle gives me a need to visit my former neighborhood on Netarts Bay. There was a family of eagles that lived in a stand of Doug Firs less than 100 yards (meters) from my house.