Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Sweet Little Anchorage

We set off from the Octopus Islands with our destination 'somewhere in Thurston Bay'. We were early for the slack at Upper Rapids, so we dallied in front of Hole in the Wall -- it's a long 'alleyway' of a channel much like one of the entrance/exits to the Octopus Islands. I am displaying this photo in the 'extra-large' size in hopes that you can spot the sailboat mid of the gap. It may be difficult for you -- I know where to look. It's a pretty picture anyway.

Another large format with specs for boats. Al calls this one 'The On-ramp to I-5'. Those who travel the roads of the west coast know that I-5 is a MAJOR north/south route. Johnstone Strait/Discovery Passage is this for boats. And as we approach, we see boats heading in both directions.
 We WERE just taking our time, but it was three hours from 'anchor up' to 'anchor down'. We had figured it wouldn't take much more than an hour. But it was an enjoyable time rounding Sonora Island and heading into Thurston Bay, through Cameleon Bay at the lower end, and then tucking into Handfield Bay in a 'hook' of islands. We intend to only spend one night, so we get in the dinghy and head to a small island that looks interesting.

This area IS 'the mainland', so we need to 'Be Bear Aware'. I would love to observe bear from the safety and comfort of Viking Star, but I have NO desire to meet a bear up close and personal. A small island where we did not see any activity as we anchored, I think it is reasonably safe to explore.

The sun has a halo, ALL the way round.

The island is basically two big chunks of rock, with this small grass-covered knoll between.
As we head up and over, I begin singing 'The bear went over the mountain....'  
Al asks 'Why did the bear go over the mountain?'  and I sing,
'To see what he could see!'

This is what WE saw -- a shallow, narrow channel of nearly Caribbean-colored water with dark spots that I suspect are seaweed of some sort.


Seashells, everywhere.

That's me!

There was a patch of wild roses just ROARING with bumblebees!

And someone left evidence of a picnic. I don't think it was Yogi.
We brought the container back to the boat for proper disposal.

A man and his boat!
It is a beautiful afternoon! We are protected from the little wind there is and the sun is shining -- the wool shirt is flung!
We ARE living the dream!

Back in the dinghy to explore the other rocks and islands, I look up, and I see an angel looking down.
You YOU see it?
And there's that arc of the halo too -- HEAVENLY day...

Back at the boat, here is an illustration of what many say cruising TRULY is -- fixing your boat in exotic locations.
Good timing -- the rain begins AFTER completion of this task.

The evening guard.

Next morning -- anchor up -- and Al begins laughing and has to come in for the camera. This is the last of 5-6 sea stars that have come up with the chain. Pole dancing???

On the road again! It has rained heavily through the night, and it continues for most of our day.

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