Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Von Donop

From Roscoe Bay, we turned left to travel north on Waddington Channel.

Looking NE into Pendrell Sound, we can see layers upon layers of mountains.

We are surprised to find a bend in the channel reveals a pretty large ship anchored at Doctor Bay.

We fairly often run across features that bear the name of someone close to us. Today it was my brother Dean! Dean Rock is not visible, and the chart says we won't hit it -- 2 fathoms, 4 feet = 16 feet deep.

The view out front at the point in the above picture, so that is Dean Point we are coming up on at the left.

Entering the bigger water of Pryce Channel, this looks up Toba Inlet. 

I zoom in to see a sailboat at the Toba Wildernest Marina. They have cabins too, but we are just passing by this time. They generate electricity from the waterfalls above.

Looking back the way we've come as we enter Deer Passage. The wind is blowing 15 knots, which hits us broadside as we near the head of Cortes Island. We're glad we stayed in Roscoe Bay when it was supposed to be blowing a gale.

A greeter? Spike.

The guide books say to stay far right, even if the branches try to brush the side of the boat. There is a large rock in the middle of the narrow channel, only 6 feet deep. We are probably okay, but better safe than sorry!

Perhaps the most interesting feature off Von Donop Inlet is the 6-ft fall of water from a saltwater lagoon.

Our overall impression of Von Donop is 'meh'. It seems very dry, and we did not see abundant bird life, though there is ONE eagle we've observed swooping toward the water, and I have heard a loon. It IS a large inlet, with room for lots of boats. Even this early in the season, there were boats already in place where we would have liked to be. We went all the way to the end and dropped our anchor in the 'j', and had company there too.

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