Monday, May 2, 2016

Teakerne Arm, Cassel Falls and Lake

When we were planning where to go, when, we weren't sure that we would stay in Teakerne Arm. But, we have discovered that things are rather not as far away as they seem on the chart, AND they are smaller than we expect.

Entering Teakerne Arm

SO, yesterday was such a gorgeous day (I think I'm going to be using that word a lot this summer), and we got the PRIME spot at the waterfall that we decided to just stay. A sailboat towing a 'dinghy/fishing boat' followed us in and tied to the small dinghy dock. And another motor boat with a family came a bit later and joined the sailboat.

After doing our first stern tie of the season, we sat aboard Viking Star. We don't like to leave the boat until we are quite certain of the set of the anchor -- we know this is a rocky slope below us, and we don't want to slip.

But that just gives us some time to enjoy the view and take some pictures. The sun was just right to highlight the falls too.

Satisfied that the boat won't go far while we are gone, we set out in the dinghy for a new perspective.

We did a 'Niagra Falls Maid of the Mist' thing and took the dinghy right up to the falls. Yes, it did get a little misty, and the close photos didn't turn out.

In the dinghy, the distances seem much greater. 

Then we found a spot for our dinghy at the rather crowded dinghy dock, and set out on a short hike to the lake above the falls.

Pretty wildflowers next to the - natural or carved out? - steps up the hill.

The best shot I can get of Viking Star from the top.  It's as close as I can get to the BIG DROP OFF!

Al enjoying the stillness and solitude while I take a few photos.

The swimming 'hole'? It is a smooth rock slope that disappears VERY shortly after reaching the water. A guide book says it is a 30-foot drop off. 

'Foot' shot, for a friend.

I have a different perspective on the way back, and am a little braver with a tree to hold onto to get this shot.
This little spot gets a WOW!

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  1. Oh my.. How gorgeous! A wonderful way to explore quite and peaceful places, remote places.. and still have your bed. Our trailer does not do that. Patti