Monday, May 30, 2016

Johnstone Strait and Port Neville

While on I-5 (Johnstone Strait) we see a few powerboats, a couple of sailboats, and lots of fishing or commercial boats.

It took a while, but this tug and long barge caught up to us, just at a turbulent area. Looking out the back window, the tug has begun his turn, and it appears the barge he is towing is heading straight for us. 

A fish processing boat in a hurry.

The Roy Christian is really plowing. Maybe he should be called John Deere.

Al wants to explore Yorke Island where there are WWII embattlments. Maybe on our way down.

The strait has been much calmer than we have heard it can be! By the time we get to Port Neville, the sun has come out and it is a lovely day.

Viking Star from the top of the ramp. It's low tide.

The historic homestead built and owned by the Hansen family. This is the store/post office.

An old sign...

...and a new one.

This is a great sign with family pictures and a bit of history. A young family emerges from the cabin nearby and we chat with the couple and their small daughter and pet their golden retriever. The mother tells us she used to live here -- they are visiting. Another look at the sign above and we recognize the young woman in the center photo at the top. This is Hans Hansen's great-granddaughter and great-great-granddaughter!

There is an interesting hill across the inlet. And we have occasion to meet Ron, an interesting fellow who lives at the base of this mountain.
 Chet comes down to the boat to greet us. He is part of a mission group that leases and helps take care of the property. It is a pleasure chatting with him, with him sharing stories of the family and of bears. Al mentions the radio he spied through the window of the store, and Chet offers to open it up and let Al have a closer look. He got to tour the whole building and heard lots more stories.

Hans was quite a man.  Missing one hand, blind in one eye - he spent most his life here, building up this compound.  Just did it.  (that is when he was not rowing to and back from Vancouver - making the trip in 3 days each way!)

The Radio (and more). At one time, this was THE party line for the islands.
There was even a 'phone book' with 100's of 'listings' (call signs).

Boxes use to be more then cardboard

Even the Cheese was delivered in wood boxes!

There are a couple of nesting boxes for purple martins. We enjoy hearing them chirp and sing.

The evening brings more boat traffic. BIG traffic.
Holland America line.

Celebrity line. I think that mountain makes its own weather. Both evenings we were here it was like this, even though the second was a sunny night.

Our first Grizzlies! I look out the back window of the boat and happen to notice some rocks far down on the beach across the inlet. No wait, they're moving! I grab binoculars and Al tries for some photos.  Our zoom doesn't focus the greatest, but it's good enough for a memory.

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