Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cost to Cruise May 2016 - YES!

May 2016 was spent largely in isolated anchorages with one trip to 'town' for a major restocking.  And it shows!

In May we (for the 1st time) broke the sub $1,000 mark.  No coffee shops, no wide spread access to the internet for 'shopping'.  Just us, the boat and nature.  See, Cities are BAD when it comes to $$

We did spend a couple of nights at Heriot Bay Inn & Marina to make a trip up to the store (several trips actually) and found a coffee shop there.  That, plus a local burger stand and one great dinner at the Inn (a belated anniversary dinner) accounts for the Dining out at Entertainment cost.  Medical is our monthly ACA exchange healthcare premium.

Outside that, rather low key.  Will be most interesting to see how the summer progresses, see if the trend holds up.

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