Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Past Week

A pretty anchorage in the Pearse Islands. You wouldn't think it would be a nice place to be -- it's just a slot between two islands and the current RUNS through -- but it was great! The anchor set with a very satisfying 'WHANGGGGGGG'!

From there we set out for parts north, intending to meet up with friends aboard Grey Hawk, returning from Alaska. We heard them early on the radio, but they couldn't hear us. Finally we made contact and decided Waddington Bay is where we'd meet. We spent three days sharing the bay, stories, and food. The weather was rather miserable though! And I can't believe I didn't take any pictures.

We said our farewells by radio on Sunday evening, and Monday morning when we got up, they were gone. Their boat is going to a broker when they return, so this is perhaps the last time we will see our friends on the water. But we hope to meet up again sometime, either when they bring their land yacht down the coast, or if we have call to drive through Saskatchewan!

At the east end of Arrow Passage, we saw a family of orcas! The closest we've seen in a long time.

We had heard about this. But also heard that boats still tie up to it. In one picture we saw in a 2003 guide book it still looked pretty good.  But the past 13 years have been a steep decline.

Nature is taking it back.

We tied up anyway, but I don't think the float will last much longer. It's not 'floating' much -- the decking was ON the water. We took the dinghy out for a tour, but it was a short trip because it was SO COLD!!!!

Beautiful morning reflections. I took a series of photos before I saw them......


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