Saturday, June 18, 2016

Booker Lagoon

Booker Lagoon is a large lagoon with a very narrow, but deep enough, entrance. Because it is narrow and large amounts of water need to get through with the tides, current can be very speedy. We had planned to anchor in Cullen Harbor, just outside Booker Lagoon, since we were arriving an hour after what the guidebooks would say the best time to transit would be, but we stuck our nose into the entrance and it didn't seem too bad so we went for it! No problems.

We poked around a bit, and every nook we thought would be interesting already had a boat in it, so we moved east. Winds were predicted to be light, but from a direction that would rock us if they picked up. Hey, this time the forecast held up, and we bounced only a little bit.

We liked our vantage point of the water in that we could see boat traffic coming and going. And we kept an eye on the sailboat anchored in the spot we were coveting. Except that it ducked in and out of view depending on the tide and winds.... and we didn't see it leave. That's okay, it was a rainy wet day and we didn't feel much like going out and pulling the anchor to move.

Next morning dawned with beautiful sunshine! And since we hadn't been able to spot that sailboat since the day before, we decided to move. And wow, it IS a sweet spot! The sunshine turns everything into jewels.

View west. Around these islands to the left is the entrance/exit.

Our new little cove has a 'window' onto Booker Passage. Zoom in, and we can see the current RUSHING in,
 and logs twirling in the back eddies.

Zoom out, and it's harder to see.

Zoom in and you can see a crabber zoom out! What a bow wave on that opposing current!

Behind us, a little island we passed to enter appears to have a grassy area, and maybe a fruit tree? We have heard you can see bear in this area, but the shoreline doesn't seem like the areas where we have. This perhaps looks promising?

An eagle family indulges me. 

Young and old.....or....mature.

Al found the mode on the camera that can take repeated shots when you hold the shutter down. It is fun to quickly click through the ones I took of this sailboat leaving. We saw this Australian boat watching grizzlies at Glendale Cove!

Time for a dinghy trip! First stop is the little island in the first picture of this post.

Rockweed. I always think it looks like little balloon pants.

Jewels, I tell ya! Everything sparkles in the sun. This is another little window onto the channel, but too narrow and shallow for the dinghy.

Now we've moved to the little island with the grassy patch.
Turns out the grass is not like a 'lawn'-- it is a type of sea grass. Duh.
And the tree is not a fruit tree. I think it is an alder.
The 'lava rocks' make me think of the grandkids.
Hello Viking Star!

The pass between the little island and the big island's shore make me want to do a slow float with the current.
So we do!
Another view before we get in the dinghy and paddle to the entrance.

No motor. No gas fumes. So lovely.
We've been kissed by the sun today. We have a rosy glow, but no regrets. And, since there are no big mountains to block it here, and the sun is actually shining today, we get a REAL sunset.

Official sunset is at 9:48. This is a bit sooner, due to the hill.

An hour later.
Loving the lingering glow.

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