Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sullivan Bay Marina

We splurged and spent a night in one of the few 'must stop' marinas in the Broughtons. We were met at the dock by the manager, and at the store we met the other manager. We got the last cinnamon roll for the day, and skipped lunch to save room for the prime rib dinner the marina staff prepared and served that night. It was SO yummy!

Main Street. 

Lots of flowers everywhere, especially on the decks of the resident float homes.

I think we went over the speed limit! If you walk all the docks, from the 'airport' and down each of the 4 fingers, they say it is 1.3 miles. I'm sure it didn't take us an hour.

We also traded read books  for unread ones, and chose some magazines from the stacks (most in the 2009-2011 vintage).


  1. What a sweet place! I have some friends cruising Alaska, and we did that a couple years ago, the scenery you have seen reminds me of Alaska.. I know you are close. The big BUT here is that I would 100x's give up the meals, entertainment, shows, shopping and come on your cruise. The peace that seems to go with this, I long for, not that I don't have peaceful moments, but the remoteness and quite that I feel from your pictures is magnetic!

    1. Of course we have room! Always available, you name the time or the place and we will fill in the other. We have been kind of Zooming around places so far, hope to slow down a but now that Summer is hear.

      But invite is always open, let us know!