Saturday, May 14, 2016

Gorge Harbour

On  Wednesday we left  Von Donop Inlet. This is the view north -- we will be heading in the direction, eventually.

But first, we are heading counter-clockwise around  Cortes Island. This is looking SW over Sutil Channel and Quadra Island. The snow-covered mountains are on Vancouver Island. We are heading to Gorge Harbour.

A sailboat beats us to the narrow opening, where it is near max ebb, meaning the current we must go against is speeding about 4 knots. We typically cruise at just over 6. Al says that in 'Pirate Mode' we can do about 9. We are uncertain the level of power this sailboat has, so we hang back. We don't want to get too close in case they are tossed a bit in the current.

I think Gorge Harbour gets its name from the sheer rock cliff that guards the entrance.

We made it!

Our first night at anchor this family was out for a sunset cruise.

They are the first, and only, goslings we have seen this season so far.

We settle into our routine of observing and commenting on anything and everything. There is quite a community living on the water here, and we have 'named' a few -- the Pirates, Santa, and ...

Noah's Ark. 

I say 'That's a pretty boat!' and Al says 'Have you ever noticed how the prettiest boats are usually wood boats?'


 Our geese friends have come to visit every evening, but this morning they came at breakfast time. A short time later, I see an eagle swooping and I jump up, hoping to see him grabbing up a fish. But I yell 'OH NO! An eagle is hunting our geese!' Al hurries to watch the circle of life with me. I love eagles, ,but this time I was cheering for the geese. The babies were diving and staying down as long as they could, and both adults would LEAP out of the water when the eagle made his dive.

This is the only shot I got. The adults are splashing with all their might, and the eagle leaves with empty talons.

The family stays in tight formation and slowly makes their way to shore. We counted all seven as they made their way to the lawn to rest and recover.
After our showers, Al and I took our books to shore to sit in the shade. Later we bought a few items at the store, and headed back for the boat. We saw a goose family again on the lawn, but this one only had 5 goslings. We hope it is ANOTHER family. But, we think perhaps a couple little ones were injured in this mornings attack? We'll see if we have evening visitors again tonight.

We are planning to move on tomorrow, or the next day. We'll listen to a current weather report and decide accordingly.

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