Saturday, May 7, 2016

Roscoe Bay


We set our anchor -- we have the place to ourselves!!!

The sun pinks the snow on the distant mountains as the shadows climb those near.
 Beautiful sunny days and the solitude tempt me to do some nude sunbathing! It is a small bay with a very narrow entrance that dries at low low tide. We should be able to hear any power boat arrive. Kayaks can be sneaky though. Al works on changing the fuel filters, then is surprised when he comes to the back of the boat. The next morning, he takes HIS turn. It doesn't last long, as his skin is more tender. We each got some blackmail photos, but you won't see them here!!!

After the tide rises, we finally head to shore to explore.

Remnants of a log flume in the SHORT pass to Black Lake

SO pretty! and a perfect seat... sit and look at the sparkling water.

BC's provincial flower, Pacific Dogwood.

We just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. Still happy!

We pass the boat on our way to 'the meadow'.

I want to go climb THOSE steps!

I post this one extra large so it's easier to see the little otter reaching to take a drink of the fresh water flowing down. If you need help, he's in the middle of the most left green area.

Geese, and mergansers.

We've seen lots of wildlife today. There are now wolves on this island, but we haven't seen or heard any.

And those steps are a LOT bigger than they look from the boat! 

Elderberries? Huckleberries? Funny to see berries of any kind at this time of year.

Al walked over to the park bulletin board while I did the wildlife photography.

It won't be long before the evening shadows reach the boat, so we head for home.
We had planned on leaving Roscoe Bay this morning, but yesterday when I checked the weather, it sounded like a blustery day for a long trip through passages we don't know. So we decided to stay until the outlook is better -- a couple of days, probably.  

I had hoped to be in a place with a little better internet access, hoping to talk to my kids on Mother's Day, but the sketchy internet will not allow phone calls. I'll have to settle with emails, or be VERY patient on facebook. 

Hoping this post doesn't take too long to load either!

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