Monday, May 9, 2016

Birds of Roscoe Bay

We sure enjoy the bird life here in Roscoe Bay. There were pictures of geese and mergansers in the previous post. We have also seen widgeons.


Maybe my best picture yet of an eagle in flight. It must have broken a feather? And it must be younger -- the head and tail have some white feathers, but they aren't brilliant yet.

Scoters! They are usually pretty shy about getting very close, but as our days in Roscoe Bay became many, they got a bit closer. We have learned to love scoters here where it was quiet enough to hear their grunting to each other, and the whir-whir-whir of their wings when they flew off. The boys' bright orange bills make me think of Daffy Duck.

But we got to know THESE birds by their first names! They are Kiwis!

John and Peter

They are in a kayak that John designed and built. 

They left on the morning high tide. We aren't far behind them.
John and Peter arrived yesterday afternoon and I saw them coming with a bright sail flying! I wish I'd taken a photo. They gave a wave as they passed Viking Star and went to set up camp at the back of the bay.  After a time we saw them approaching, and when we learned they were scrounging for items to make a repair to their sail mount, we invited them aboard! While Al set them up with screws, bits, and a drill motor, I boiled water and steeped some tea. We all had a nice chat together.  We passed our boat card to them and hope to hear from them again!

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