Monday, May 2, 2016

Cost to Cruise April 2016 - getting there

In April we executed our escape from the Cities, well almost.  The 1st part was spent in Victoria visiting with friends and enjoying the Coast Harbor marina.  We walked the streets, had Tea at the Empress, stocked up at stores (and took advantage of our friends car at the same time!).  In all had a great time - including taking advantage of all that the City can offer...

Well, the direction is right (as in getting lower each month), and even under our 2013 average month of around $3,000 / month.  But we think there is still more to go, and being a bit North this summer will be a good test.   We have a saying, 'Cities makes our bellies fat and our wallets skinny'.  Oh how true.  OK, with that some notes:
  •  Fuel:  Topped the tanks off from our winter stay in port (heater - but also had a month of cruising in there as well)
  • Misc:  Fishing license for Canada.
  • Moorage:  Our stay in Victoria.

Will be interesting to see how May shapes up.

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