Thursday, April 7, 2016

Shoe, foot included?

When we visit remote islands I often look out for trash we can pick up and take off the beach.  In the spring it is not hard to find a large amount - mostly Plastic.  (Life happens, I am sure most of what we find is not intentionally tossed into the waters - even being careful things happens)

While watching Ryker search for glass to take off the beach (also man introduced - right?) I noticed what appeared to be a shoe.  Pointing it out to Ryker he headed over and while on his way I shouted out "See if there is a foot in it!"

Ryker stopped, "What??"

And with that I had an opportunity to share the mystery of feet washing up on shore here in the Salish Sea.
    Severed feet keep mysteriously washing up on Pacific Northwest shores

Not sure he really believed me till a passerby confirmed  - then it was Big Eyes and a cautious approach.  It was a shoe alright, but no foot.  Looked to be never worn, more likely an escape from a lost container.  But a great memory for his week-long adventure I am sure!

Shoe, footless it turns out.

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