Saturday, February 25, 2012

Back to Blake

Weather was predicted to pick up at 7 AM, and get nasty at 10 AM.  So we decided to 'get up and get going' as soon as we awoke, and it worked!  We were out of the marina before 7:00 and we even had coffee in hand, though I used the wide-bottomed, non-skid cup rather than my usual one.

Our timing was great!  We scooted across Elliot Bay as quickly as we could, keeping out of the way of ferries arriving and departing.  Two tugs also met a container ship and were bringing it in to port.  As we rounded Alki Point, a cargo ship was in the northbound traffic lane.  We passed behind him and barely noticed his wake.

We had expected a much rougher crossing.  We arrived at Blake Island at 8:30, and I set up to make breakfast -- no earlier OR later than we normally eat.

The rain arrived in early afternoon, but the wind only reached 20 knots at any time.  Points north registered much higher, and there is still a gale warning in effect for those areas today.  We are pretty calm and quiet today.

Can I bore you with more bird pictures?

Sorry this is so dark, but he WAS fishing at night, one of our last nights at Bell Harbor Marina in Seattle.  And he was very intent.  He didn't shy away when I opened the cabin door, OR use the flash! (which didn't improve the photo at all)  He was very successful, I saw him catch at least 5 fish.  I love that fringe on his chest.

This guy perched in this tree for a couple of hours, during the heaviest rain , yesterday afternoon.

This morning, he shared breakfast with his love in the same  spot.

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