Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feeling Lazy

I can't think of a cute title for this update, and there is no apparent 'theme' to it either.  And since it is a blustery rainy day that I think I will mostly spend reading, 'Feeling Lazy' seems most appropriate.

We made it to Seattle safely and enjoyed two days and nights at Bell Harbor Marina with their February Special  of $20 a night, plus $5 for power.

We visited all our favorite places and Al once again notes that most of our activities are centered around FOOD.  Typical Americans, typical cruisers.  We made sure to hit Starbucks a couple of times, Pike Place Market, for mini donuts and Uli's sausages, The Corner for produce, other provisions from the IGA, Anthony's for happy hour, and then we found a great Thai place for something new.

Mojo the Coho lives at Anthony's Restaurant.  I took these pictures especially for my son Micah.

This is the sunset the first night we spent in Seattle, from Pier 66, where cruise ships arrive and depart from (notice the cleat).  Double click on the picture to get a better look at the snow on the Olympic mountains behind Bainbridge Island.

 As the February special only runs from Sunday through Thursday nights, we departed Bell Harbor on Friday morning and moved across the Puget Sound to Blake Island.  It is a stormy weekend with blustery winds and lots of rain -- 'good weather for ducks' -- or grebes, or mergansers.

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  1. Rob Hamilton (Becky was feeling poorly) and our friends the Hurleys, joined us for dinner Friday night and looked up Blake Island where you are hunkered down. We decided it is a good place to be in a storm, since moorings go all the way around the island, you could go from side to side as the weather backs around. Have a peaceful day!