Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Day in Pictures

We thank our friend Samantha for loaning us a vehicle!  We drove with her to her house last evening where we wined, dined on her fresh-made salsa, and gazed at the view of Port Angeles across the Strait of Juan de Fuca, then drove home her pick-up.

Today we were off the boat even before the sun peeked over the ridge!  Why so early?  We were going to Roche Harbor for donuts!

 On the way, we stopped to say Good Morning to Mona

After a snuffle and a pat......

She went back to her frosty breakfast

Driving on, Cow and Pig encourage us to vote

 There is a lot of sculpture art in, around, and near Roche harbor.  This heron may have been in the blog once before, and I still like his silhouette.

The sun spotlights the flag at the hotel

After our own breakfast, and leisurely reading the Seattle Times and USA Today, we make our way to the McMillan family mausoleum.  Al says he has not been here before, but I remember coming on a previous chartered sailboat trip.

The family is arranged as though at a dinner party

We drove back to the marina, standing on the dock for a long while, watching an eagle soaring in the sun.  Then we made it back to the boat, where I worked for an hour, and Al used to check out a couple of houses we saw on our drive through town.

Then we packed up celery sticks, cheese, apples and cold chicken from Thursday night's potluck at the Power Squadron meeting, and headed to the Lime Kiln State Park, stopping at the lighthouse for sunset.

The building was closed, so Al had to peek in all the windows.  He learned bits about recent whale sightings.  This is a favorite point to observe the Orcas in J Pod.  I MAY have seen a spout, but no dorsal fins, so it could just as likely have been the wind on the waves.

After the sun set and we prepared to leave, the house was 'lit'.


  1. Beautiful!! You are so blessed to see all of God's beauty in so many places!

  2. We've always wanted to cruise that area. Jim and I are retired truck drivers and we used to do a lot of delivering in the Port Hadlock and Whidbey Island, WA area. Though they aren't very far apart by water it is a long drive around. It is such beautiful country.