Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cost to Cruise - January

Here they are, costs for January.  Overall  we did a bit better, as there are some 'extra' costs that we will not get each month:

  1. Rental car for our trip to Portland during the Holidays in the Transportation row.
  2. Licences (FCC) and Licences (Washington State) are in the Misc column.  FCC is good for 10 years, Washington State - only one
(If table is cut off, click on it  to open just it and see the whole table)

Maintenance is a bit higher as I completed the installation of the aft Hydronic heating loop, and purchased some items to try out adding a separate power cord for electric heat.  This might come in handy if we winter over in places with fixed utilities.

Speaking of heating.  When we take off next week we will go to Anacortes and fuel up, but it is looking like we may have used upwards of 80 gallons / month of Diesel to run the  Dickinson stove.  Though we love the Dickinson one of its limitations is it is on 7/24.  Even though we have it turned down just about as low as it will go the diesel adds up.  (Hence looking into an extra 30A shore power cord).  Will know more when we top off the tanks.

On the positive side:  we managed to stay away from the Seattle Boat show!  (MUCH worst than being in the City, but did miss not seeing friends there).  And with heading out next week we will see a dropping of the moorage.  In fact, we will get a lot of our deposit refunded!

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