Sunday, February 12, 2012

Deception Pass

We checked the weather and determined that today would be the best day for a hike.  There is a bigger chance of rain tomorrow, AND Al has a work call.

So we packed snacks and set out.  We planned to visit the bridge and explore some of the trails in the park.  We figured to walk 5 or 6 miles today.

Here is the view west from the bridge, out to the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  This also shows the eddies pretty well as the current flows west.  The current CAN reach speeds of 12 knots, so boats transitting need to plan carefully.

Here I am, the chicken.  I cannot go past where the trees keep me company.  As much as the heights, it is the traffic passing so closely and bouncing the bridge that makes me leery of going any further!

Here is MY view of the bridge.  There were a FEW of us 'trolls' hanging around waiting for brave photographers making the trip across the bridge.

We had seen this log tow hanging out waiting for slack tide.  Here he is making his move!

Al stepped out again to watch from above.  HEY!  Come back here and get the camera!

Thanks Al!  This is a good action shot!  You can see the wake where the little worker tug zipped around to his next position.

This was the first real hike (other than city streets) since my fall into the engine compartment and twisting my ankle in November.  I can feel it!  I have still noticed some aches, and stiffness when going down steps, but this hike has been a real test.  I was careful, and then took some Advil when we got back to the boat.  Now, beef burgundy is on the stove, scenting the air and whetting the appetite.

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