Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Coffee Shop View

After a shared cold kept us on the boat for several days, and the Thanksgiving holiday, yesterday morning I put my nose to the grindstone and really dug in to my current work project.  After a couple of very productive hours, I wanted a break, so I set out to re-visit the Churchill Coffee House.

Last year when we visited, there was an ice cream machine whose compressor was VERY loud.  I didn't see the same machine, but there was a drink cooler I could hear running.  I ordered my 'regular' drink, and a cup of soup from the very friendly people who run this shop.

I took a seat in the very corner, and discovered it is the BEST seat of the house!  It is away from the kitchen, and as far away from any coolers as you can get.  And the view, on a gorgeous sunny day!

The ferry to Anacortes is loading.  The inter-island ferry is arriving -- those garbage trucks are waiting for that one.  I can see Churchill's lights from the boat, so of course I can see the boat from here -- but I know what to look for......let me get you a closer view.

Look for the 'white cross' just left of center -- can you see it?  That's us!

After a side trip to the book store, I head back to the boat to get more work done.  It's Al's turn to go on walkabout.  When he returns, he sees 'sea horse' in the sky!

This shot also goes right back up to the Churchill Coffee House, though it's difficult to point it out.

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