Friday, November 30, 2012

Cost to Cruise - November 2012

November came, and November went.  Two big items impacted Costs this months:

  • First and Last at Friday Harbor
  • Filling out the Spares Kits in preparation of heading North.

First and Last we will recoup when we depart next year.  The Spares consisted of completing our chart kit for Canada and purchasing a spare Raw Water Pump and Transmission Heat-exchanger   Those two complete the Cooling water side of our spares kit.

Insurance / medical will start to climb higher as we see the Docs for the once-yearly thing, and get ready for Kristi's Cataract surgery next Jan/Feb.  Surprisingly, Dining Out was not as high this month.  Perhaps Kristi and I having colds for a couple of weeks slowed down the Coffee House thing!

On the Energy Front: Last year we heated almost exclusively using the Dickinson.  Though wonderful, it consumed 80-90 galls of fuel a month.  (Or about  $300+ of fuel).  This year we are trying to use the small electric heaters combined with the Hurricane to 'warm things up' in the morning.  This months 30 hours on the Hurricane combined with a bit over 1,000KWhs of electricity is about 1/3rd what we spent last year on heating when we relied solely on the Dickinson 

Saving $$ is great, but the Dickinson is still really nice when it is on.   Over the Winter we will try to use it only for those really cold / rainy / windy days and use the Electric / Hurricane combination when we can.  Or other 'special occasions' :-)

And look at Solar!  Hey, I know 27Ah's / day is not all that much, but it is about 2x what we expected in the modeler!  Go Solar!

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