Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cost to Cruise - October 2012

Not really a whole bunch to say this month.  We had two big expense items:  Fuel and insurance for the boat.  Other than that we only went 'overboard' by staying in Lopez Village for three days while Kristi picked wine grapes (and I stayed back on the boat to 'work work').

Meals out were a bit higher due to our side trip into Seattle, plus the 4 days we anchored out in front of Roche Harbor - stocking up on Cheese Burgers and fresh made cake doughnuts!

Communications includes a yearly renewal of the Skype account, and the starting of the WiFi service here at Friday Harbor.  Next month should show a major drop off as we turned off the Verizon MiFi for the Winter, and I will not need to use the Boost IDEN, nor the Verizon backup for my work calls as much now that we have a good solid Skype connection.

And as predicted, the Solar Panels are about done  for the year.  But the good news is my modeling predicted 50Ah / day, so the measured 51Ah was just right!

Next month will include the 1st and last for winter moorage here in Friday Harbor, plus a slew of 'Coffee Shops' as Kristi and I went wild the first few days here.  And we are starting our series of Medical checkups, plus we are getting ready for Kristi to get cataract surgery.  Discovered last winter, she had an eye check this week.  It has  stabilized and stopped changing really fast, and is ready for correction.  Look for that after the 1st of the year.

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