Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What Do You Miss?

Kristi here.  After letting Al get all caught up on his more technical postings, I figured it was about time for me to write again.

Recently a new acquaintance, upon hearing we lived on a boat, asked me "What do you miss?"  This was a woman-to-woman question, and I answered immediately:  flush toilets!

Now there ARE fancy, push-button heads for boats out there, but Viking Star has old-fashioned pump handles and dial valves to bring in seawater for flushing.  Even when they are working well, it is quite a process, and CAN be rather strenuous to deal with.

Al serviced the pumps a couple of months ago, and the pumping action was much improved!  However, on the head that gets the most frequent use, the dial to set the see water valve was VERY hard to turn.

Soon, I began to have an annoying pain in my elbow.  Since I have fibromyalgia, my first question of any pain is:  is this a flare?  And, since I had not been sleeping as well, I assumed that was what it was.  But it did not get better.  THEN I begin to question my thyroid levels.  I am nearing the end of my one-year supply of medication -- is it not as effective?  Has it gotten stale?  But falling thyroid levels have a couple of additional annoying effects, and I wasn't experiencing those.


Weeks go by.  No relief.  I begin to notice that day-to-day activities are becoming difficult to do:  making the bed, cooking, brushing my hair --- flushing the toilet.  In fact, I begin to notice that the pain is the WORST when dealing with the toilet.

I keep Al informed of my difficulties at all stages.  I tell him that I am sure that it is the toilet that is the source of  the pain.  And it continues to worsen.  I've tried to use my other hand/arm, but the configuration does not work.

Finally, I say "It's so bad, that I'm afraid I am going to have to ask you to flush FOR me!"  And it got fixed that day!  Al removed the seals from the dial and 'since it's above the waterline, I think it'll be okay'.  Easy-peasy!  I can turn the dial, slick as a whistle!

That was a week and a half ago, and the elbow is improving, but slowly.  I think it took a couple of months to get to this state, I need to be patient about the healing process.

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