Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Programs

We are having fun visiting friends and family in the Portland area.  Many of the grandkids are in school now, and over the past two days, we have attended three programs or assemblies.

The first was Madalyn, shy first-grader at  Rosedale Elementary.

We were early, so I took a couple of photos to check light levels.

Kindergarteners sit on the floor while the first graders perform.  Madalyn is top row center.

Miss Madalyn

A high school group came and performed to show the kids what they can aspire to.  Then the high schoolers joined the elementary kids for a crowd sing-a-long.  Madalyn got to sit next to one of the girls!

That evening, Emrie's preschool performed at Glencoe High School.  The crowd last year overfilled the room, so they got to use the auditorium this year.  The kids were a bit nervous about the stage, but it was a good performance.

Emrie is excited to get the show on the road!

Brothers Troy and Ryker -- they are happier than they look.

Ranger, with Grammie Shel and Papa Ron also.

Emrie sings LOUD!

"These are grandma's glasses..."

I was waiting until today, and Troy's Winter Assembly, to post pictures.  Then I was a bit disappointed to find out that Troy's school does not allow photos during school performances.  Good thing I got a shot or two of him at Emrie's program.

There will be more shots from Christmas Eve, I am sure.

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