Sunday, December 1, 2013

Miramontes Visit

ALL of the grandchildren came to visit us in November!  The Tovey/Marsh group came for Veteran's Day weekend.  And the Miramontes contingent arrived on Thanksgiving!

The past three days have been spent partaking of the community Thanksgiving meal, riding ferries, watching movies, and coughing and wiping noses.  And this time Papa can't blame the kids (who he calls walking petri dishes).  Grammie's cough started the day before they arrived.

One of our favorite activities to do is to ride the inter-island ferry, Evergreen State, through the heart of the San Juans and back to Friday Harbor.  It's free.  We get to see the ferry docks at all four of the major islands.  We get to observe wildlife.  We get to do puzzles.  It is a LOT larger than Viking Star, or the hotel room, so the kids can run their sillies out.  And they can go outside, or stay warm and dry inside.  AND the three kids have the attention of three adults, in this case.

While waiting for Evergreen State to round the corner to Friday Harbor, we visit the local aquarium.

Horrible lighting for this one, but that's Madalyn, wearing the stocking cap her Mama made for Grammie!

Mr. Milo works on a puzzle.

Evan too!

And Baby stayed behind.  Grammie and Papa are to babysit for two weeks, then bring him back for Christmas.

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