Monday, December 2, 2013

Weather Outlook brings Joy!

While in port for the winter we can watch some TV shows via Internet, as long as we are willing to put up with the all-to-common Max Headroom effect.  We have found that local TV stations tend to live-stream their local news so we can keep in touch with CHECK-news, as well as Seattle and Portland.

Well, the news has been FULL of the approaching Cold Front.  Perhaps nothing real big, but it is coming.  Here is what NOAA says we can look to here in Friday Harbor:

It's a gonna be cold out there!

One of the questions we often get is 'How do you stay warm'?   And of course, cold weather brings forward those questions even more.  While in port, the answer is:   We use the Hurricane hydronic heater to warm things up in the morning, then a couple of small electric heaters can carry the rest of the day and  usually into the evening.  Well, with this cold weather coming we get to use another option.

Our beloved (and at times hated) Dickinson Diesel Stove -
All fired up and bring with it the Chery Warm! 

Yes, Yes, Yes!   We get to light the Stove!   Oh, the Joy!   So Warm, So Dry, so very very cherry nice!    (But at a couple of gals of Diesel a day, and the soot, well, not all is pure joy).  And when the cabin gets up to 80f, we get to open the doors a bit to let in even more fresh outside air!

Yesterday I cleaned the stove out well (and then emptied the vacuum cleaner).  This morning I lit her up.  Give a couple of hours to get on her legs and we will be oh so toasty warm and dry, esp during the real cold days.  And just in time:  Kristi has been working on a nice Cold of her own - it arrived in full force this morning.  So she is tucked warm and snug in bed, and no way I am allowed to take a photo of the Sultani!

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