Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dickinson meets her match

A while ago we figured out how to keep the main cabin under 80f while the Dickinson stove was on -  let it get into the 30's outside.   Well, this morning I will say the Oh So Nice Dickinson has met her match.  This morning it is 20f outside (that is -7c for the rest of the world), and the wind is blowing a sustained 20kt. (I think the wind has as much or more effect as the actual temperature)

With the stove in Pedal to the Metal mode -  turned Full Up, and the Dampener set, Max Mode for the stove - the main cabin could only make it to 60f this morning.  Will tell you, quite a few of the folks up and down the dock would be very happy to see 60f, but for us:  We just poured a couple cups of instant coffee (Awk, HAVE to get to the store and purchase some more real coffee beans today)  using already steaming water from the tea-pot on top of the stove, and then turned on the Hurricane.  In about 15-20 mins will be right up where we like it.  And when the sun come up, all will be fine...

Side note:  Just checked:  Right now in Alaska:  Friday Harbor is 7 degrees colder than Fairbanks Alaska (Fairbanks is at 27f), and 15 degrees colder than Sitka (they are at 35f).  Hum.  Maybe we should be spending winter up there!

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