Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cost to Cruise - November 2013

Our 2nd month in port, and we can see what impact being In Port has on our expenditures:

Groceries took a big bite this month mostly because we have been eating the boat down, which we have just about done. (Notice how comparatively low October was).  Perhaps the two batches of visitors added a little (though to be honest, the little ones do not really eat THAT much).

Transportation includes Kristi's trip back to Minnesota for her parents.  Maintenance includes pre-purchasing a couple of gallons of bottom paint for next years haul out, plus parts for the generator.  (A project this winter - need to rebuild the Army Surplus Kubota engine).

Next month we can expect more travel and dining out as we travel to Portland for the Holidays.  And looking forward into next year we will be changing (again) our Health Plan to one under the AHA system, as well as rolling off the costs of Kristi's eyes last spring.

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