Thursday, December 5, 2013

Its all a balancing act...

Two days ago I posted how the COLD was coming this way, and we decided to light the Dickinson.  Which we have been oh so enjoying.   Now, for some of the Down Side.   Running these stoves can at times be likened to an art, again I will say:  Our system is 50 years old, the newer design of burner - and the addition of a barometric damper - would go a ways to help stabilize things.   For us, it is Old old-school.  An example - we had sustained winds yesterday of around 25kts, and to adjust I had the dampener closed and the stove way up.   The results was the cabin was a nice and warm, and typical, 80f.  Having the stove any different would have caused it to 'burn low', with a great risk of sooting.  (It is the fine line we walk, Burn Hot, or Burn Low with soot).

Well, after a few hours outside in the cold running some errands we were so looking forward to returning to our toasty warm boat, and toasty it was:

Yup.  130f!   Wow, talk about Toast!  Well, the wind had died down to a reasonable 10kts,  and between the stove being set on Full On, and all the Solar Heat we receive due to our nice Trawler Windows, it was a bit over the top..

So, adjusted the stove, opened the doors, and retreated to the forward and aft cabins for a while.    But it was nice and warm!

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