Monday, March 25, 2013

A Girl Post. (OK. *sigh* ... An Old Lady Post)

Several things have been making me feel old lately.

I used to tell my kids that 'Parenthood looks different from the other side!'  Well, now I'm learning that Aging looks different from the other side as well!

Cataract surgery has been a blessing for my distance vision, but it has changed my near vision, a LOT.  Now, anything closer than arms-length distance is not clear.

This makes applying cosmetics a bit of a 'hit or miss' prospect.  You've all see the 'little old ladies' with the crookedly drawn on eyebrows? Or the uneven eyeliner?  And have you thought, like me, 'Can't they SEE that???'  Well, now I know, the answer is, 'NO!  They can't!'

We even bought a magnifying mirror, which helped.

But I still could not get a CLOSE view like I used to be able to with my myopic eyes.  I used to say I had to put my nose on the mirror to see what I was doing.  That doesn't work any more.

However, a few days after Al took this picture for the post I was considering, we went to the drug store for something else, and at the checkout there was a lighted compact, with 1X and 10X mirrors!  YAY!  NOW I can see what I've been missing.... OMG, I need to tweeze my eyebrows!

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