Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Less 'Technical' Post


I (Kristi) just attempted an edit of Al's Summary and Conclusion post.  I think it's more than I can face to even look at the previous 'Magnum/Splendide' posts, so you'll get the 'totally Al' effect there.

I surely DO appreciate what a smart guy he is, though!

But for a bit of relief for you folks that are a bit more like me....

A Peaceful Evening

This is one of the last sunsets before we begin Daylight Savings Time (this was Thursday evening, I believe).  It is rather rare for the water to be SO calm that it reflects like this.

We have enjoyed February and what we've had of March so far here in Friday Harbor!  (Last year we left in early February and went to Seattle, which was very grey and wet).  It seems the town is waking up and stretching -- more and more activity and people as the weather gets nicer, especially on a sunny weekend!

But the nice weather and increased activity around us makes Al itchy to get going.  Soon.  The end of the month is coming.

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