Friday, March 1, 2013

Cost to Cruise: Feb 2013

"....become tea-totaling vegetarians!"    Was what Kristi thought was the answer to low cost cruising  and she may be right. But to that we need to add blind ones who drink warm beer (oh wait, make that warm soy milk).  Oh, and become hermits...

This month's costs are heavily impacted by three things:

  • Replacing TWO failed inverters (One died, one killed)
  • Kristi's eye surgery (we are just seeing the start of that one showing up in the costs)
  • Travel back East for Micah's graduation ceremony

And with those, we have an all-time high for a monthly cost.   Now, we had been anticipating the eye surgery and putting aside funds.  And we knew some travel was in the books for 2013.  Inverters, well....

So, here it is:

Next month we intend to transfer to an international health insurance policy.  Same level of coverage, about 1/4th the cost, though we will need to be out of the USA for 6mo's a year.  Oh Well, tough life.

And Solar Panel output missed the mark by the largest % yet.  In February we only produced an average of 24Ah/day, while modeling said we should have gotten 38 - or an error of -37%.   I had the panels off-line for three days while futzing with the magnum/Splendide washer/dryer issue, but even accounting for that the actuals came in under the predicted. . .

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