Thursday, March 7, 2013

More Magnum / Splendide Photos - and Resolution?

We did another washer run this afternoon and I captured some additional photos.  Played with placement of current probe vs. capacitor, and also tried to get samples of Shore power and then inverter power at ruffly the same time.  And need to note:  During this washer run we were unable to readily reproduce the failure - there was one point where it seemed to start to balk, but that was very brief   unlike this morning when we could get it it fail right off the bat.  Not sure what all that means, an noticing there was much less 'hooking' in the afternoon runs.  Perhaps it depends on what all is being washed....

Ok, on to the photos:

A Couple of No-Cap samples, early in the wash cycle:

Set #1 - Shore Power, No Cap
Set #1, Inverter, No Cap
Early on the washer is not doing much, filling with water, maybe rotating things a bit.  But kind of boring in terms to current draw..

And here is another set of no-cap samples, later in the cycle.  The wash cycle is a bit more interesting now, the drum is being sloshed a bit, and water being pumped around.  We were waiting for the machine to start balking.

Set #2 - Shore Power, No Cap.

Set #2 - Inverter, No Cap

Next we have a series, all on the inverter, varying the location of a 55uF capacitor.
Set #3 - Inverter, 55uF Cap placed at Washer/dryer
Current is being measured between the Inverter, and the Cap/washer/dryer.
(This is where the Cap has been placed in all other trials)

Set #3 - Inverter, No Cap
Notice No Hooking, just could not get a Hook this afternoon!

Set #3 - Inverter,  55uF Cap placed at inverter.
(Current is being measured between the Inverter/Cap and the Washer/dryer)
In this last photo notice the large current draw on the transition edges of the voltage - both raising and falling.  This is the current the Splendide washer is asking for; measured at 5.7Ap for the raising edge.

And here is a set of the same situation of that last photo, Still measuring between the 55uf Cap and the Splendide  - but this time using Shore Power as the source.
Set #3, Shore Power, 55uF cap placed at Shore power entrance point.
(Current is being measured between Shore Power/Cap and the Washer/dryer)
Can see a like current draw / a little different shape.

And for reference, here is a raw Shorepower w/o the cap snap during the same 'time period' as the rest of set #3:
Set #3, Shore Power, No Cap.

OK, what does all this mean - to be honest I am not sure.  I can clearly see that the 55uF cap removes all indication of hooking, and there is clearly some large current moving back and forth between the cap and the washer/dryer.  Historically an indication of reactive power.

Going forward, I am going to order and add a 50uF cap near the Splendide - as Magnum suggested.  Assuming the 'hooking' is an indication of the problem, the larger cap clearly takes care of that. And when the machine does fail, we can easily see a cause and effect between running with and w/o the cap.   In terms of why this happened?   For that am going to send these set of photos off the Magnum and Splendide and see what their thoughts are.

But for now based on a sample size of 1, along with some measurements, I am going to state the resolution for this compatibility issue is the 50uF motor run cap.

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