Saturday, March 9, 2013

And on another story...

Just so you know I am doing something other then playing with O'Scopes, Caps and Inverters - here is a photo of the mocked-up  'Control Panel' for the Arduino generator regulator / control project.    I snuck-in a few alarm indicators (High water alarms, mains overheating) to the right.

Mock up of control panel

I use a company called Front Panel Express ( to make up small panels like this.  They have a downloadable CAD tool that is simple to use.  Then just upload it and a week or so later you get your panel! Can even print out a sample in 1-1 scale (that is what you see above).   So Nice.

The only down side is their prices have gone up a LOT over the past few years.  This panel comes in at around $90 - - -  But I already have several others of like look, so need to keep the trend going.

Hum - guess if I went with that Key-Fob idea I could skip the whole remote panel!

Today is Project Day.  Last night made a list of things to do before leaving port at the end of the month.  Almost 30 items - so guess I need to get on it.

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