Sunday, March 31, 2013

Airplanes are Flocking

Blessed Easter to all!

We returned to the boat after church services, and while Al attempted to nap, I had fun watching the airplanes come and go!  There has been MUCH activity all around with the nice weather, with an increase in soaring eagles, the dock traffic of people, dogs and boats, and the number of seaplane flights.

This plane did a pre-landing flyover, and then turned to come in for a landing.  It is 'The Evening Plane'!

One day last week, we saw the greatest number of seaplanes in the harbor that WE have ever seen.  One was my favorite -- the only one I learned to differentiate, because her tail numbers seemed to spell out 'Nooka' to me.  So that's what I called her.

That day I learned that N900KA is actually called Maggie.  And she spent a good part of the day getting a tune-up at the seaplane dock.  And she was the head of the 'flock'.

She had lots of company!  Here's a shot showing FOUR seaplanes in one shot:

Read a short article here:  mentioning both Maggie and the current 'Evening Plane'.

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